iPad Apps to Help Students with Their Homework and Class Management

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February 10, 2015
In today’s list, I am sharing with you a set of powerful iPad apps congenial for homework organization and classroom management. Students can use these apps to perform a variety of  tasks such as : planning and organizing classes, managing assignments and tests, creating timetables and tracking homework, note taking and many more.

1- Homewrok

“Homework - Student Planner app is a perfect schedule planner, assignment organizer, note taker, task reminder and more, just an awesome schoolwork helper for college students! Instead of digging through backpacks and flipping through many notebooks, use Homework - Student Planner to put info relating to schools, academic terms, classes, assignments, group meetings and To Dos in order!”

2- The Homework App

Homework app allows students to add, view and complete their homework. It provides them with an easy to use calendar and reminders to organize their tasks on a daily, monthly or early basis.

3- Ontime

This is a vey good planner that students can use to create timetables and keep track of their homework. Some of the organizational features Ontime provides include: adding custom  subjects and rooms to timetables,, setting up reminders using exact time and date, and many more.

4- Planner Pro

This is another app to help students keep track of their school work.”Planner! Pro constantly keeps you in the loop about upcoming homework and assignments. It’s simple to get started - just add a new reminder, enter the due date, select a subject and then let Planner! Pro remind you when the homework is due.”

5- Class Manager

Class Manager, as its name suggests, enables you to plan and organize your classes, assignments, test, and paper submissions. As a homework organizer, Class Manager allows students to : link assignments to their classes, organize their homework by due date, priority..etc, and get notifications on homework due dates.