This Is Why Handwriting Helps Students Learn Better

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February 8, 2015
In "what does your handwriting say about you" we learned that the way we write can reveal  great deal  about our personalities. For instance, the people who use small letters are said to be shy, withdrawn, or meticulous while those who tend to opt for moderate letters are well-adjusted and adaptable. Using wide spacing, on the other hand, indicates a person who enjoys freedom and doesn't like to be overwhelmed or crowded. The shape of letters can also tell something about your personality traits. For example, using rounded letters shows that one is creative and artistic; pointed letters are indicative of aggressive and intense behaviour.

In today's post, I am introducing you to another equally important infographic but this time on the importance of handwriting for enhancing  learning. The visual features some really interesting facts about the impact of handwriting on our cognition. It also provides some useful tips to help students improve their handwriting. I invite you to have a look and share with us what you think of it. Enjoy

The Impact of Handwriting on Learning
Source : Giraffe
Courtesy of Learning Infographics

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