Two Excellent Tutorials on How to Create A Newsletter for Your Classroom

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February 21, 2015
Newsletters are very good forms of communication and as teachers you can use them to communicate with  parents and school community or with your own students. Both Windows and Mac have integrated apps that you can use for this purpose. To this end, we are sharing with you two interesting videos to walk you through the process of creating a newsletter. The first video is for Windows users and it shows how you can use Microsoft Word to create a newsletter and the second one is for Mac users explaining how to use Pages for the same purpose. The process in both videos is very simple: you simply select a theme or template from a wide range of pre-made newsletter templates and start tweaking it inserting text, images, changing text fonts…etc.

1- Create A Newsletter in Word 2011 by Robert Lenart

2- How to Create Newsletter On A Mac