Excellent Qualitative Formative Assessment Toolkit for Teachers

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February 10, 2015
I just came across this timely poster shared on a Google Plus post by Mickey McFetridge. This visual, titled Qualitative Formative Assessment Toolkit, features four practical ways to document learning using mobile technology. Two days ago I shared here a list of some of the best iPad apps to help students document and show their learning and this poster  clicks in perfectly with that post.

What I liked the most about this poster is the last line in it which reads “the process is the product”. This statement sums up the essence of using technology in learning. The emphasis should be placed on the process, the procedures and the ways students use technology in their learning. Any preoccupation with the product per se can not see the forest for the trees. As I was reading through this poster I thought of some good iPad apps to add to this work in order to provide students with more options to choose from when documenting their learning. Here are some of them :

iPad apps for creating Screencasts:
iPad apps for filming videos
iPad apps for taking screenshots
iPad apps for making photos:
Qualitative Formative Assessment Toolkit is a work realized by Reshan Richards ( co-creator of Explain Everything app). Richards published a post on Education Week in which he explained in details the workings of this toolkit.

Qualitative Formative Assessment Toolkit