Excellent iPad App to Introduce your Kids to Coding

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February 14, 2015
Code Blast is an excellent coding app that has gone free today for a limited period of time. This app is designed to provide young learners and kids with a solid initiation into the world of programming concepts and problem solving.

Code Blast teaches kids coding through fun and engaging activities consisting of programming a rocket to reach its final destination without being damaged by UFOs and other electric barriers found in its course. In running the mission, kids get to develop a series of key programming concepts and thinking skills such as : precise and accurate programming, forward planning to solve anticipated problems, ordering instructions sequentially and many more.

Some of the features Code Blast contain are:
  •  36 missions, gradually increasing in difficulty with extra obstacles and challenges!
  • 2 modes - ‘Level Mode’ - Missions are gradually unlocked to ensure a secure understanding.
  • ‘Custom Mode’ - Practise any mission at any time.
  • Save multiple games - Perfect for home and school!
  •  Stars awarded for completing missions without ‘bugs’ to motivate children to persevere and revisit.
  •  Certificates awarded upon completing levels which can be saved to the camera roll for printing or emailing!
  • Animated demos