Edchat Interactive- A New Platform for Teachers Professional Development

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February 19, 2015
Here is a wonderful PD tool I discovered today through Educational Technology Guy. Edchat Interactive is a platform founded by 3 of the most connected educators out there: Steven Anderson, Tom Whitby and Mitch Weisburgh. This platform is meant to provide teachers and educators with an easy and accessible way to develop professionally through a host of free webinars delivered by a wide-range of educators.

As of right now, Edchat Interactive has a schedule of upcoming events that include 5 webinars covering different topics:

1- February 24 8:00 PM Eastern time (Tuesday)
Seeing a Different Kind of Reality with Katie Ann Wilson

2-February 26 8:00 PM Eastern time (Thursday)
Customized, Personalized Learning: Is it Inevitable with Sherry Crofut

3- March 5 8:00 PM Eastern time (Thursday)
Further Discussion on Customized, Personalized Learning with Sherry Crofut

4- March 25 8:00 PM Eastern time (Wednesday)
Learning and Leading With A Global Mind Set

5-March 26 8:00 PM Eastern time (Thursday)
A Problem of Passion within PBL with Ginger Lewman