You Can Now Create and Publish Educational Textbooks Using Kindle Textbook Creator

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February, 2015
Amazon has recently released Kindle Textbook Creator to enable educators to create and publish textbooks and other educational content in Kindle stores. What this tool does is that it transforms books in PDFs or Docs into eBook format. The tool also provides a host of interesting features to help with the organization of educational materials such as graphs, equations, charts, tables and many more. Amazon also offers educators its powerful marketing tools to promote their books.

Here is how Amazon described its Kindle Textbook Creator:
Kindle Textbook Creator Beta helps you convert PDFs of your textbooks, course notes, study guides and other educational content that includes complex visual information like charts, graphs and equations into Kindle books. Books created through Kindle Textbook Creator take advantage of features that enhance a student’s learning experience such as dictionary look-up, notebook, highlighting and flashcards. Plus, preview your book across all supported devices. Currently this tool is available in English only.
Watch the video below to learn more about Kindle Textbook Creator