Connected Mind- A Good Mind mapping app for Teachers and Students

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February, 2015
Connected Mind is a very good Chrome extension that allow users to create beautiful mind maps and store them in the cloud. Mind maps you create via this tool can include a wide variety of multimedia materials including : text, images, shapes, arrows, and you also have access to a set of multiple colours and fonts to choose from. You can create as many maps as you like and save them for free in the cloud storage provided.

You do not need to create an account to start using Connected Mind. Simply sign in with your Google or Gmail credentials and start working on your mind maps. Connected Mind is also available for Android and iPad so you can access and edit your creations everywhere you go with Internet connection.

Here are some of other features Connected Mind provides for its users:

  •  Complete control over map layout
  •  Unlimited undo/redo
  •  Shortcut keys for common operations
  •  Speech recognition - speak the text of your branches
  •  Free cloud storage for every user (no need to create an account)
  •  Choice of over 60 fonts that don't need to be installed
  •  Add rich format notes, including images and links, to any map item
  •  Notes displayed as you move your mouse over items
  •  Choice of 27 shapes, with beautiful color gradient fills
  •  Images added to your maps can be sized and clipped to any supported shape 
  •  Autosaves after every change
  •  Have multiple maps open, with thumbnail images of each for selection
  •  Copy & paste between maps
  •  Import maps created in Freemind

Watch this video to learn more about Connected Mind