Awesome Visual Featuring 13 Important Google Search Tips for Students

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February 7, 2015
Here is a new interesting visual on Google search tips that I want to bring to your attention. The visual features 13 practical features that would allow students to conduct smart and time-saving searches on Google. We have already covered these and several other tips in previous posts here in this blog, but it would not hurt to remind our students of the rules of Google’s search game.

The tips featured in this visual include:
  • How to define a word 
  • How to search for words in the same order
  • How to exclude certain words
  • How to search within a range of prices
  • how to search within a website
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Search by file type
  • How to set a timer
  • Do math
  • How to convert currency
  • How to find a GIF
  • How to search by title
Google search Tips for Students
Source of the visual: Veravo
Courtesy of Learning Infographics