An Easy and Simple Way to Create Educational Screencasts and Tutorials on Your Mac

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February, 2015
There are several web tools that you can use to record your computer screen, this post features some of the best out there. However, if you are using a Mac you might want to try this little nifty tool called Quick Time Player. This is an integrated app that comes in with your Mac so no need to download anything.

Unlike other screencasting tools, Quick Time Player is pretty basic and does not offer advanced features such as the ability to highlight or annotate your screencasts but still it is a powerful tool to create handy screencasts illustrating a process or for creating step by step tutorials to share with students. All the screencasts you create through Real Time Player can be saved to your computer or be shared through different options including emails.

To start using Quick Time Player, head over to your Mac spotlight search and type in "Quick Time Player".

Click on the icon of the app to open the Quick Time Player. Once opened select "New screen recording"

Before you hit the red button to start recording, make sure you click on the arrow button and select"show mouse click".

When you finish recording your screen you can then share your video through the options shown below.

Watch this video to learn more about how to use Quick Time Player to record a screencast.

Courtesy of TNW