A Very Good Google Doc App for Helping Students with Their Learning

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February 21, 2015
Texthelp Study Skills is a very good Google Doc add-on. Students can use it to help them with their studies. It allows them to select, highlight, and group content for review and learning. The process is very simple: open a Google Doc, highlight the key areas in the text you are interested in and click on “Collect Highlights” to extract and place it in a new document (by color or location) for students or others to review.

Teachers can use Texthelp Study Skills for a variety of purposes including: helping students identify and group key facts together, assisting students with their vocabulary learning by indicating new words to learn. It can also be used for collecting data and materials for a research project.

Texthelp Study Skills is free for 30 days after which you  can continue to use one color highlighter and can collect and clear highlights. To keep using all four color highlighters, you can purchase a subscription to Read&Write for GoogleTM, a  comprehensive set of reading, writing, and studying support tools for Google Docs, Web, PDFs, and ePubs. Read&Write for Google is available in the chrome store.