A Great Collection of Apps, Lessons and Educational Games for Teaching Students Quick Typing Skills

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Updated on January 5th, 2019
Below is a collection of some of the best Chrome apps to help your students and kids master the art of touch typing. These apps provide a wide variety of lessons, activities,  educational games, and lessons geared towards enhancing learners typing speed and honing in their writing skills.These apps are also suitable for  all age groups and tend to different skill levels. Be it a beginner, intermediate or advanced typist, the typing tools featured in this list  will  definitely help learners refresh their skills and take them to the next stage.

1- Typing Club

Master touch typing using this free game / educational program. This online program will assist you with learning and improving your typing speed! Practice each lesson over and over to at least get all three stars. It really doesn't take much to learn touch typing, a few minutes a day for one to two weeks and you will be a pro!

2- Typing Tes: Key Hero

Key Hero is a great place to improve your typing skills. The game keeps track of all your performances (WPM and accuracy) and helps you understand what type of mistake you make
3- Type Fu

Type Fu is fun to use! Lessons vary from simple letters, numbers and words to proverbs and quotes of great thinkers of the past. Basic lessons (letters, numbers, words) are generated programatically so that you will never see the same exercise twice.