3 Important Google Drive Tips for Teachers

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February 17, 2015
For those of you who haven’t seen them yet, Google for Education has recently added some interesting posts covering a bunch of handy features to use on your Google Drive. Here are the three most interesting updates I want to bring to your attention:

1- How to search  Google for publicly shared Google Docs 
In this animated picture, Google For Education illustrates the process of using Google search engine  to look for Google docs that are publicly shared in the net. Here is how it works: head over to Google and type in : site:docs.google.com followed by the title of the doc you are looking for in inverted commas.

search for Google docs

2- Download Docs in PDF format
Google Docs allows users to easily save and share their docs in PDF format. Here is how it works: in your Google Doc, click on “file”then on “download" and select “PDF Document”.

download doc as pdf

3- Using Research Tool to add citations
In the video below, Dean Stokes visually demonstrates the process of adding citations in a Google Doc using the integrated research tool.