New Poster- 15 Useful Tips to Help Students Overcome Procrastination

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February 10, 2015
If anything, digitally has taken procrastination to unprecedented levels. Keeping focused and on task in a world where multiple sources of distraction are at work competing for ones’ attention is really a challenging endeavour. And when it comes to students and digital natives the case is even worse. I sometimes think that we, digital immigrants, are really lucky to have studied in an era where the hype of Internet and social media was non existent. However, procrastination does not have a sole cause and digital preoccupation is  only one factor among many that lead to this state of inaction.

The visual below features 15 interesting and scientifically-backed strategies that students can use to beat procrastination. I want you to check them out and share them with your students. Here is a brief round-up of these strategies.
  • Know yourself
  • Practice Effective Time Management
  •  Change Your Perspective
  • Commit to Assignments
  • Work in Productive Environments
  • Be Realistic
  • Self-Talk Positively
  • Un-Schedule
  • Swiss-Cheese Tasks
  • Don’t Indulge Fantasies
  • Plan for Obstacles
  • Improve Learning Behavior
  • Help Yourself
  • Reward Progress
  • Learn to Forgive Yourself
15 Tips to Beat Procrastination
Source: Essay Expert
Courtesy of : eLearning Infographics