7 Best Chromebook Apps for Math Teachers

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Below is a collection featuring some of the best math apps and extensions to use on your Chromebook. The apps provide access to a wide variety of educational resources to help you in your math teaching/learning. These resources include a diversified set of powerful math calculators, math solvers, interactive tutorials, explanations, guides, in-depth articles, videos, and many more. You may want to spend some time going through the collection to pick what will work best for you. 

Chromebooks apps for math teachers
Image credit: Desmos graphing calculator

1- GeoGebra

'GeoGebra (www.geogebra.org) is free dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use package. Interactive learning, teaching and evaluation resources created with GeoGebra can be shared and used by everyone at tube.geogebra.org.'

2- Desmos Graphing Calculator

Explore math with Desmos! Plot functions, create tables, add sliders, animate your graphs, and more -- all for free. Some of the features provided by Desmos include: graphing (e.g., plot polar, cartesian, etc), sliders, tables, zooming, points of interest, scientific calculator, inequalities, and many more.

3- Khan Academy

Khan Academy is absolutely one of the best educational apps out there. It offers a wide variety of resources that cover various subjects including math, physics, chemistry, biology, science, history and many more. These resources include interactive exercises, videos, articles and more. 

There are exercises and quizzes to help students test their grasp of the learning materials offered. The app also provides instant feedback and step by step guidance and hints to help independent learning.  Math areas covered by Khan Academy resources include: arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, calculus, differential equations, and many more.

4- Mathway

Mathway is a great calculator for algebra, graphing, calculus and more. The way it works is simple and easy: point the camera of your device at a math problem or type it in and let Mathway provide step by step guidance towards the solution. Mathway covers various math areas including: basic math (e.g., arithmetic, integers, fractions, decimal numbers etc), algebra (e.g., linear equations, logarithms, functions, matrices, etc), trigonometry (trigonometric functions, conic sections, vectors, matrices, etc), calculus (e.g., limits, integrals, derivatives, etc), statistics (e.g., probability, permutations, combinatinations, etc) and many more. To learn more, read Mathway full review for teachers.

5- Photomath

Another excellent math app to use on your Chromebook. Like Mathway, Photomath allows you to use your mobile device to snap a photo of your math problem and let the app does the rest. It shows various approaches to solve the problem and provides step by step explanations on any math problem. Areas covered include basic math, algebra, geometry, statistics, calculus, and more.

6- Symbolab

Another of my favourite tools which I reviewed in full in this post. Symbolab offers access to numerous powerful math calculators including:Graphing Calculator, Fractions Calculator, Equation Calculator, Integral Calculator, Derivative Calculator, Limit calculator, Inequality Calculator, Trigonometry Calculator, Matrix Calculator, Functions Calculator, Series Calculator, ODE Calculator, Laplace Transform Calculator. 

7- Microsoft Math Solver

"Microsoft Math solver app provides help with a variety of problems including arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and other topics using an advanced AI powered math solver. Simply write a problem on screen or use the camera to snap a math photo. Microsoft Math problem solver instantly recognizes the problem and helps you to solve it with free step-by-step Explanations, interactive graphs, similar problems from the web and online video lectures. Quickly look up related concepts. Get help with your homework problems and gain confidence in mastering the techniques It is absolutely FREE and No Ads!"