The Top 10 Trends That Will Affect Learning in 2015

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January 7, 2015
In a rapidly changing educational landscape, learning trends are constantly emerging and reshaping the century-old notions of teaching and learning. Digitality is absolutely a key factor in these new changes but there are also other factors that have their part in what’s going on now in education. Educational Stakeholders are convinced more than anytime before that change is an inevitable feat and that the traditional content and performance based pedagogic strategies are to be replaced with more robust concepts that can speak to the ethos and demands of the new era.

The folks in Personalized Learning have put together this wonderful visual featuring the 10 trends that will influence learning in 2015. These trends are encompassed in four major concepts: learning culture, learning environments, deeper learning, and partners in learning. I invite you to read this great article explaining these various trends and share with us what you think of them. This article is also available in the form of infographic from this LINK.