ProjectWriter- A Great New Tool for Group Writing Projects

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January 8, 2015
I just learned through this press release that the popular Boom Writer announced today the release of  ProjectWriter. This is a tool that  teachers can use to conduct engaging nonfiction group-writing projects with their students for Science, History, & more. "ProjectWriter is ideal for dissecting whole units of study into smaller sections, letting students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the key concepts and terms being taught."

Here how you can use ProjectWriter with your students:

1- Create a project
First up, create your project. Imagine you’re teaching a unit on Ancient Rome with the primary learning objectives consisting of Geography, Culture, Government, and Religion. Simply create a section for each of these areas of focus. The project will go one section at a time in the order you’ve set.

2- Start section 1
Enter assignment instructions for your students. For example, ask them to write a summary of a unit’s particular area of focus including particular vocabulary words or terms to be included in the piece. Include a max word count to give them an idea of how much they should write.When you’re ready, start the writing phase and set a deadline for students to complete their entries by.

3- Let your students write
Each student writes their entry for the section and submits it to you for approval. As students submit their finished pieces, you can review and approve or request revisions if needed. You’ll also be able to give individualized feedback on each student’s entry.

4- Peer sharing and review
Students then peer review their classmates’ anonymous entries before voting for the piece they think is best. Students review no more than four submissions at a time, and they can vote more than once. 

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