NEW- Grade Students' Assignments using A Camera

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January 8, 2015
Here is another good app for grading which I learned today from Cool cat teacher. Gradecam is an app that allows teachers to easily grade multiple choice assignments using a mobile camera or their laptop’s camera. Once the assignments are graded they can then transfer them with one click to any grade book. Students can also use their cameras to instantly know their grades.

Other features GradeCam provides for its users include:
  • Share assessments with other educators in real-time
  • Give students immediate personal feedback
  • Create and print answer forms on print paper
  • Link questions to state standards and generate standards-based reports
 GradeCam is available on iPad, Android, and on the web. Also, GradeCam has three version, a free one with basic features and two pro versions with more advanced features. There is also a 60 days free trail for the premium versions.

Watch this video to learn more about GradeCam.