New- Google Released 12 Security Tips to Stay Safe Online

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January 12, 2015
Google has recently released a bunch of security tips to help people stay safe while browsing the net. These tips, featured in the popular Google Tips service, are provided in the form of flashcards. Each card display a given security tip with a total of 12 cards. Clicking on any card will direct you to a page where you will learn more about the targeted tip.

Here is a quick round up of the 12 security tips as provided by Google. Check out the full list HERE.

1-Keep safety mode locked
This tip shows you how to set up Safety Mode to screen out objectionable content.

2- Create a better password
Learn how to make a strong password for all of your accounts

3- Hangout Safe
Learn how to report abusive content on Google Plus hangouts

4- Lock your Android device
Learn how to use Android Device Manager to remotely locate or wipe your Android device if it’s ever lost or stolen.

5- Update your browser
Learn how to update your browser to ensure you have the latest and greatest safety.

6- Protect your Google account
Learn how to set up 2-step verification to secure your Google accounts.

7- Let your browser manage your passwords
Learn how to make Chrome remember your password and reduce the risk of phishing.

8- Check up your account security update
Learn how to keep your account secure through updating your security settings.

9- Say farewell to surprise purchases
Learn how to protect your information when making a purchase on Google Play store.

10- Get family friendly results from search
Learn how to enable SafeSearch to filter out objectionable content.

11- Let questionable content be known the minute you see it
learn how to flag content don’t see fit for the family.

12- Keep prying eyes off your device
Learn how to to use password, PIN or pattern access on your Android devices.

Courtesy of Mashable