Great Resources On How to Use Blogs in Your Classroom

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January 17, 2015
A 21st century classroom is a classroom that is multimodally structured in such a way that students, teachers and parents are engaged in synchronous and asynchronous communicational pathways throughout the school year and beyond. Such a classroom is not restricted by geographical and temporal bounds. It is open and accessible to students and parents 24/7 because part of it is based on the cloud. The virtual classroom I am talking about here is definitely not an alternative to physical, brick and mortar classroom (though in some cases such as in MOOCs and online open courseware it is) but rather and extension of the learning that takes place in the real classroom.

There are several web tools and mobile apps that allow teachers to easily set up and run a classroom blog, wiki, or website. You can check this guide for more details. There are also several important resources on the whys and hows of creating a digital presence for your classroom. One example of these resources is Eduopia’s “Create a Teaching Blog” board on Pinterest. This board, which I want to bring to your attention today, contains some really useful and handy materials on everything related to creating teaching blogs. Some of the things it contains include:Tips and reasons why students should be blogging, step-by-step guide to blogging for teachers, ways teachers and students use their classroom blogs, steps to creating awesome teacher blogs and many more.