Great Platforms to Find Open Educational Resources

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January, 2015
Here is a list of free educational tools that will help you find some great open educational resources (OERs). Bookmark them, pin them, and add them to your collections.

 Go here for videos, sites, interactives, questions, slides, textbooks, handouts, lessons, and exams. Filter by CCSS, subject, and grade.
Go here for videos and games. Filter by CCSS and grade.
Go here for games, images, animations, and lesson plans. Filter by language and subject.

 Go here for lesson plans, reading passages, and question sets related to reading comprehension. Includes CCSS-alignment.
Go here for games, videos, and interactives. Filter by grade, subject, and CCSS.
Go here for textbooks, lesson plans, widgets, and interactives related to math.

Want more? Check out these collections of apps .

Free tools you should use!
A collection of free apps and websites curated by ESL/EFL teacher Cynthia Jones.
A collection of free tools Curated by Michael Wacker for the Denver Public Schools Blended Learning Program.

By Mike co-founder of edshelf