Google's New Guide for Integrating Technology in Schools

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January 11, 2015
Google for Education has recently published this wonderful guide to help schools make a seamless shift into the world of digital learning and teaching. The guide is geared towards assisting schools integrate innovative educational technologies using a five step approach. Here is a brief overview of the main headlines of this guide. You can access the full unabridged guide from this LINK.

1- Define Your Goals
  • Understand what your school hopes to achieve by getting education online
  • Map your IT needs and consider open technology
  • Align with your stakeholders on the technical requirements and potential solution offerings
  • Determine your school’s current capabilities and systems
  • Understand the work required

2-Invest in access
  • Understand your infrastructure needs
  • Improve your infrastructure management
  • Upgrade your Internet connectivity for a better web experience
  • Implement LAN and WiFi solutions to promote online learning anytime, anywhere

3- Build your team
  • Create an internal support team
  • Assemble a deployment team

4-Offer web tools
  • Unlocking the potential of web-based learning
  • Integrate your solution

5- Manage change
  • Develop skills
  • Spread the word
  • Manage the solution