5 Great Google Plus Communities for Teachers and Educators

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January 7, 2015
Google Plus is a powerful social networking platform with huge educational potential for teachers and educators. I featured it yesterday among the the top 5 platforms that teachers can use to curate and access educational content.Today, however, I am touching on a very important feature of Google Plus called Communities. This is , in my view, the most overlooked feature in Google Plus yet it has some tremendous benefits especially for teachers seeking to expand their professional development and enhance their learning opportunities.

 Google Plus Communities are similar to Facebook Pages in that they aggregate a community around a given topic. Some of these communities are open to anyone to join and others require a pre-approval by the admin. Below are some wonderful Google Plus communities I would recommend for you to join.

1- Google Apps in Education

This community is for educators who are passionate about Google Apps in Education. A lot of links, discussions, and resources on everything related to Google apps in education.

2- Technology in Education

This is another wonderful community of educators and teachers interested in technology integration in education.

3- Google Docs and Drive

I you want to learn about new features of Drive, tips on how to better use Docs and crowdsource solutions for your Drive problems, this community is definitely a must join.

4- Education

This community serves as a communication hub for teachers, students, and parents to discuss all topics relevant to Education.

5- iPad Ed

This is a community for educators utilizing or planning to utilize iPads and other mobile devices to engage students and optimize learning.  It features  best practices,  apps, instructional strategies, technical considerations, questions, solutions, and creative ideas .

Everything related to Chromebooks: apps, tips, tutorials and guides are shared in this community.