FlipQuiz- A Good Tool to Create Gameshow-style Quizzes in Class

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A few days ago I shared here a visual guide on how to create a quiz show on Google Drive and today I am introducing you to another tool that does almost the same. FlipQuiz is a web tool that allows teachers to easily create game show-style boards for test reviews in the classroom. All the boards you create can be saved for later use. You can also share your boards up on-screen and have students work on them collaboratively. 

To set up your new quiz board, you will need to register. Once logged in, click on “ Create a new board”. Then use the editor provided there together with the different tools it offers to design your game boards. You can always edit your boards by clicking on the “edit your entire board button”. When you are done creating your quiz boards, you can then  see the presentation version of your board by hitting “Launch presentation view”.

  FlipQuiz  provides the following features: 
  • Create and save boards in your account for future use
  • FlipQuiz™ allows you the freedom to create beautiful game boards that you can take with you from class to class, school to school, and at home. 
  • FlipQuiz™ has created a beautiful game board that will grasp the attention of all students. 
  • Not only can you add your questions to each of your game boards, but you can also add the answers if you so desire. This allows you to be virtually hands-free as you walk around the classroom hosting the game.
Courtesy of Richard Byrne