Everything Teachers Need to Know about Dropbox

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January 21, 2015
Besides Google Drive, Dropbox is by far one of the most powerful cloud storage platforms out there. Dropbox offers new users up to 2GB of free storage space to start with and you can always upgrade for extra space. Two of the best Dropbox features  for teachers and educators are: The ability to upload documents and PDFs and generate a shareable link to share with others who can access them without even having a Dropbox account. Also, most of the blogging services and website do not offer free hosting space that would enable you to upload documents, Dropbox is the ideal solution to this ( Google Sites is another alternative). The second important feature is the "shared folder". Similar to Google Drive's shared folder service, Dropbox allows you to create a folder, upload files and documents to it and share it with others who, upon granting them editorial privileges, can edit and upload stuff to it.

Given the huge educational potential of Dropbox, I deemed important to compile a list of some excellent video tutorials to share with teachers who are keen on integrating this tool in their instruction. These videos contain some insightful tips to help you better use Dropbox. They also unravel some hidden gems that advanced Dropbox users will find handy.

The video tutorials below are created by Dotto Tech which is one of my favourite educational channels on YouTube. Steve's tutorials are entertaining, fun and very insightful.

1- Everything You Need to Know about Dropbox

2- Five Great Dropbox Features

3- Dropbox Sharing Tutorial

4- Dropbox Vs Google Drive

Photo source: digitalbounds.com