eHighlighter- A Great iPad App for Taking and Annotating Notes Is Now Free

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January 27, 2015
eHighlighter is an excellent iPad app that allows you to take notes via transcribing from paper books. This is a great app for research students. They can use it to record snippet of texts from documents and PDFs they read. The app also allows them to add annotations to their notes and help them prepare organized, searchable, copy and passable excerpts and notes from hard copy books, journals and magazines.’And for citation purposes, eHighligther enables you to record bibliographic information of the book by scanning its barcode.

The way eHighlighter works is pretty basic. Simply point the camera of your phone or iPad at the text you want to record and eHighlighter will automatically grab your highlighted text and save it for you to annotate. Some other interesting features offered by eHighlighter include:

  • Create, manage, and export MLA, Chicago, or APA styled bibliographies. Instantly add citation information by scanning a book's barcode or searching by title/author.
  • Keep information organized with notes and tags. Sort and search highlights by tag or keyword.
  • Instantly share notes with other eHighLighter users or export to email, Evernote and Dropbox.

Watch this video to learn more about how eHighlighter works:

Courtesy of Apps Gone Free.

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