Awesome Inspirational Posters for Your class

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January 9, 2015
Here some beautiful motivational posters to boost you up and ‘ give you a nudge to get better’. Each of these posters include an inspirational sentence or maxim and few of them are anonymously stated. I find these quotes to be very refurbishing and energizing and thought you might want to have a look as well. You can also share them with your students or print them out and use  in class. Here is my favourite poster of them all but you can check the full collection from this link. Thanks Coolcatteacher for the link.

You can also check these wonderful resources of inspirational posters to use in class.

This is a board created by the folks in Edutopia. It features a little over 200 pins.

2- Teaching Quotes

This Pinterest board  is created by Michaela Almeida and features over 180 pins covering different inspirational quotes related to teaching.

3- Inspirations and Quotes

This board which includes over 200 pins is curated by Teachers Deserve The Best.

4- Inspirational Teaching Quotes

This board is created by Studies Weekly and includes over 140 inspirational teaching quotes.