AppInventor- A Good Tool Students Can Use to Create Apps and Learn Programming

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January 17, 2015
AppInventor is a platform  where students can have access to a wide variety of resources to help them learn about programming and Android apps creation. No prior knowledge of programming is required to start using AppInventor. David Wolber, professor of Computer Science at the University of San Francisco, provides courses and tutorials explaining how to use the platform to create apps.”With step-by-step video screencasts, Wolber starts with the basics then leads you through the development of successively more complex apps, teaching you programming concepts as you go.”

AppInventor is a also a great resource for teachers. It features several teaching materials that have already been used as a basis for numerous middle school, high school, and college courses. Also, The course-in-a-box, which is based on Wolber's USF courses, provides structure and material to get a new course up and running within days.

Watch this video to learn what beginners create with AppInventor