Anatomy of Successful 21st Century Student

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January 14, 2015
Often times when we hear the phrase “21st century” prefixed to the noun student our thinking goes straight to technology and digital media. We make technology a pivot around which revolves learning when in fact technology is only a means to an end. Equating 21st century education with digital know-how per se is a blatant fallacy.

Learning is primarily a situated social and cognitive process that feeds on different competencies part of which is digital savviness. There are, however, other important parts that make learning a successful and enjoyable endeavour. These parts relate to the personality of the learners and their daily habits. Devry University has this excellent visual that sheds some light on these personal features that make up today’s successful learners. I invite you to check them out and share with us what you think of them.

Check out the full graphic from Devry University

anatomy of 21st century learners

Courtesy of elearning infographics
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