Excellent Chart Featuring Popular Academic Latin Phrases for Student Researchers

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January 8, 2015
In the context of the discussion we started yesterday on the importance of the mastery of academic language in school learning, today I am providing you with this short chart that features some commonly used latin words. This list is particularly useful for college and research students. As you know, academic jargon is peppered with latin words that linguists call "loan terms". I am not sure how these words ended up in academic discourse but it is now a conventional practice to include latin words in scholarly publications and journal articles.

This is a chart that student researchers can keep handy. It will help them better understand the latin terminology whenever they stumble upon it in their readings. I have relied extensively on Google dictionary, Wikipedia  and Merriam Webster to come up with both the definitions and the accompanied examples.

You can access and download the Google Doc version of this chart from this LINK.