A Wonderful Tool to Help Students Cite Internet Sources

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January 12, 2015
Internet Citation Organizer is an excellent graphic organizer provided for free by Read Write Think. Students can use this fillable PDF document to help them record bibliographical information of the resources they use from Internet. These pieces of information can later on be used to properly cite and reference online materials and websites.

Internet Citation Organizer is definitely a must have document for teachers. It can be used in any research project or classroom task that requires drawing on the net for extra resources and information. Internet Citation Organizer is also fillable which means that students can use it right on their browsers. For each source they want to cite they need to type in information such as : name of author, title, web address, copyright date and date found.They can also use “Print Citation Organizer” on top right hand corner of the document to print a copy of their cited sources or use “ Reset Citation Organizer” to start a new.

Thanks to Sara Dennis through whose lesson plan I learned about this resource.