A Very Good Critical Thinking Framework for Teachers and Educators

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January 15, 2015
Below is an interesting critical thinking framework I came across through Teachthought. This framework is taken from a journal article written by Robert Duron, Barbara Limbach, and Wendy Waugh and published in International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.The strength of this framework lies in the fact that it is applicable to all disciplines. It is a holistic approach that can be used in various teaching situations to help students develop critical thinking skills.

According to this framework, teachers can integrate the critical component in their instruction through 5 steps: Determining learning objectives, teaching through questioning, practicing before assessment, reviewing, refining and improving, and finally providing feedback and assessment of learning. This 7 pages document (including two gapes of references) provides a very good explanation of this critical thinking framework. It is definitely a must read. Enjoy.

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