Terrific Timeline Creation Tool for Students (Works on Chromebooks Too)

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January, 2015
Timeline, as its name indicate, is a very good tool from Read Write Think that you can use  to create web based timelines. The tool is very simple and students can use it to graphically represent a sequence of data (events, facts..,etc) along a chronological line. These timelines can be arranged by by date, time or event.

To start creating a timeline, head over to this page. Type in your name and project title then hit “start”. Now click anywhere on the timeline to add an item at that location. To edit an item, double click it. You can then customize the content and placement of your items as you like. Drag to adjust positions, click on the bin icon to delete  and when you are done click on “finish” to save your work to your computer or share it with others.

Timeline works on both computer and Chromebooks.