A Good Visual Timeline On The History of Hashtag

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January 20, 2015
This little digital creature called Hashtag has been revolutionizing the way people network, communicate and share on social media websites. It first started on Twitter around the year 2009 then Google Plus adopted it in 2012 before Facebook officially integrated it in June 2013. However, what is mysteriously unknown about this #poundsign is that its origin dates back to the 12th century when the #symbol first appeared in the musical realm. Since then, hashtags have been used in different contexts and for different purposes till they finally landed in the social media landscape some few years ago. The visual below provides a very good visual illustration of the chronological development of the sign #hashtag.

I came across this visual on ICTphms social media board on Pinterest. The board also features a plethora of other interesting visuals on everything related to social media.

  The history of hashtag
Source of the visual: http://www.furthermore.me/