A Good Collection of Classroom Magazines for Teachers

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January 13, 2015
Scholastic Classroom Magazines is a good resource from Scholastic that provides kids and students with a daily dose of news and current events picked from different magazines on Scholastic. The content is meticulously curated for students as an effort to help them in their intellectual growth and enhance their cultural literacy.

Using the Classroom Magazine tab located in the top bar of the page, you will be able to browse through and access a set of educational magazines organized by both grade level and  content area. There are magazines for pre-k, magazines for elementary and another set for secondary. For language teachers there is a special collection of magazines on “ foreign language teaching”.

Scholastic Classroom Magazines also provides a free iPad app that allows students to explore each current issue right on their iPads. It will also allow them to “independently dig deeper into the amazing subjects covered in the magazine with engaging videos, learning games, and enlargeable graphics built right into each new digital issue!”