A Collection Of Beautiful Educational Sketchnotes for Teachers

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January 6, 2015
A few weeks ago, I shared here a list of some powerful iPad apps for sketchnoting (visual note taking) and I argued that sketchnoting has several cognitive pluses (e.g easy memory recall, quick processing of data, enhanced concentration, to mention but a few). I have recently bought a stylus and started experimenting with this new form of taking notes. My sketches are not the best but the more I practice the better they become. One of the things I learned from the different video tutorials I watched in this regard is that as a beginner sketchnoter you need to build a rich visual vocabulary that will facilitate your visual representations and to do this you need to have access to works of expert sketchnoters. Observing how they use shapes, colours, graphic organizers, text...etc will definitely help you learn how to create your own sketchnotes. One of the people I would recommend for anyone starting to learn sketchnoting is Langwitches.

Langwitches has this wonderful Pinterest board with more than 30 educational sketchnotes. All of which are beautifully designed to illustrate a given topic. The strength of these sketchnotes are twofold: First they will help you learn more about the design and morphology of sketchnotes to employ when creating your own sketches; second , they are insightful in terms of the content embedded in them. One of my favourite skechnotes from this board is Blogging for Learning which I am sharing with you below.