A Beautiful Visual on Reading Tips to Use with Students

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January 8, 2015
Here is a very good read shared by Edutopia on their Facebook page.’5 Tips for Helping A Student Read” is an article written by Rebecca Alber in which she shared some interesting insights on how  to get your students to love reading by helping them make the best of their reading choices. Next time you want to assign a reading task to your students, keep in mind and reflect on the following:What do you know about your kids’ reading interests and likes? Assess past reading experiences of your students and identify what worked and what did not work.

The visual below created by @Worldlib sums up the 5 reading tips to help students find good books. You can also read the full article with more details on each of these tips from this Link.

Source of the visual: http://goo.gl/3Dj0Lv