Teachers Visual Guide to Connecting Google Drive to Edmodo

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January 25, 2015
In today's post, I am sharing with you this step by step visual guide to help you connect your Google Drive to your Edmodo account. The benefits of establishing such a connection is that it enables you to access all the documents, files and folders saved in your Drive right in your Edomodo  page. From there you can select and arrange these documents and files into folders you created on Edmodo. You can also share them directly with your students or on your classroom page on Edmodo with one click.
Here is how to connect your Google  Drive to your Edmodo account.

1- First sign in to your Edmodo and click on the "library" icon

2- Select "Google Drive"

3- Click on " Connect with Google Drive" and grant access to Edmodo

4- Once access is granted you will be able to see your Drive docs and files in your Edmodo account. To share any file or doc, click on it and then choose from the button above whether to add it to a folder on Edmodo or share it with others.