3 Wonderful Google Apps Proficiency Checklists for Teachers and Educators

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January 25, 2015
Below are three excellent Google Apps checklists to help you make the best of  Google Apps in your instruction and also in your professional growth as a teacher and educator. These checklists are prepared by Google certified teacher Neil Charlet and are part of a series Neil is actually working on titled” Google Apps Proficiency Checklists”. Still to come in this series are : Google Calendar Proficiency checklist and Google Gmail Proficiency checklist. Follow Neil to stay updated of his upcoming work.

Here are the three checklists Neil prepared so far:

1- Drive Proficiency checklist
This is a comprehensive checklist that features almost everything teachers and students should be able to do on  Google Drive.

2- Chromebook  basic functions and features
As its title indicates, this checklist maps out the different Chromebook features and hacks. Almost all the tips are hyperlinked so you can learn more about each of them.

3- Google Sites Checklist
This one includes everything you need to know to better use Google Sites in your instruction. Again everything is hyperlinked so you can learn more about them.