11 Traits of Effective Teachers

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January 2, 2015
 I am not sure if you have already read it or not but this is one of the most popular posts by Edutopia in 2014."11 Habits of An Effective Teacher" is written by Carrie Lam (an academic director in Canada) in which she talked about some important traits that distinguish effective teachers. From the 11 features she mentioned the ones that resonated with me the most are open-mindedness and embracing change. To me these are the foundational attitudes underlying a successful teaching career.

Source: Edutopia's Facebook Page

An open minded teacher is a person who learns from his/her failures and regards criticism as constructive and integral to their professional development.The corollary of this attitude are things such as reflection and inspiration. To learn from negative experience or from criticism does perforce entail reflecting on the initial reasons that led to such an experience. The same with embracing change. In a rapidly evolving educational landscape, teachers need to adopt a growth mindset, one that allows them, in Darwinian terms, to easily adapt to the new circumstances without getting stuck in ruts and grooves.

Check out  Carrie's full article  to explore all the 11 habits of effective teachers . Enjoy