You Can Now Create Educational Games for Students on Android

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December, 2014
The popular iPad game developer app TinyTap is now available on Android. TinyTap is a very good app for creating educational games based on pictures. You can either upload your pictures or grab new ones to use in your games. TinyTap, which was initially geared towards preschoolers, has now released several new features that make it appeal to adult learners as well. Some of these features include a new auto-correct tracing which cleans lines for rectangles and circles giving your app a professional look. You can also now add text bubbles on your soundboard pages. This features allows you to pair audio with visual.

To create your own game. You need to upload your pictures and organize them into a set. Next add your questions to each image which you can do by recording your voice reading the questions. Then choose the parts of the picture that you want to use as answers and there you go. Watch the video below to learn more about how to use TinyTap.

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