A Beautiful Sketchnote on How Teachers Can Use Twitter for Professional Development

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December, 2014
Twitter is a powerful  social networking tool with huge potential for teachers professional development.  In a relatively short span of time, Twitter evolved into one of the best educational social networking platforms of choice for educators and teachers. It has also become an essential element in teachers life-long learning and a key driver of professional development.

In a recent post I shared here a few days ago, I featured 10 effective ways teachers can leverage the power of Twitter to grow professionally. However, today as I was wading through my Pinterest feeds I stumbled upon this beautiful sketchnote from Langtwiches on the same topic I covered in the aforementioned post: Twitter for professional development. I liked this sketchnote and decided to share it with you. You can also check this  Pinterest board for similar sketchnotes.

Click here to access the original full version of the sketchnote below