Tips for Engaging Students in Meaningful Discussions

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December 4, 2014
Here is another wonderful visual from Mia MacMeekin featuring a number of tips and ideas on how to facilitate online discussions.In fact, most of these tips are also valid for discussions taking place in a physical setting such as classroom. The section on prompts to stimulate conversation is what I like the most in this visual. You can use these prompts with students to help them get engaged in meaningful exchanges and discussions with each others.

Here is a quick round-up of these prompts:
  • Can you clarify?
  • Do you need anything else to answer this?
  • Do you think?
  • Do you agree with?
  • So are you saying?
  • Have you seen?
  • So on the news, I noticed something similar
  • What do your friends think?
  • Is there someone else you can ask?
  • Where did you hear that?
  • Do you have a reference for that?

Tips for Facilitating Onine Discussions