Tips to Create Engaging Infographics for Your Class

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December, 2014
A few days ago I curated a set of useful web tools that teachers can use to create infographics to use in class. All of the tools I included in that collection are very easy and simple to use. Today, somebody emailed me this beautiful infographic that I want you to have a look at. This is an infgraphic on how to create an engaging infographic. It features some interesting tips that you can benefit from next time you want to create a visual for your students. Here are some of the ideas that stood out to me from this work:

Types of info graphics:

A- One level deep
This is a basic infographic that contains visual and content and may include one or two sub-parts.

B- Tow level deep
This is a more advanced infographic that provides more details including statistics and digs deeper into the topic.

How to create an infgraphic

1-Think of an idea Make a list of possible ideas for your infographic.
2- Create a skeleton and flowchart. This will be your initial draft.
3- Color scheme it. Use eye-friendly colours such as pastels and bright hues.
4- Choose eye-catching graphics. People are attracted to visuals more than the text
5- Research. Use a variety of authoritative sources.
6-Provide facts and conclusions. Illustrate statistics and make it simple
7- Edit. Filer through everything, and try to create a narrative.

Check out the full  graphic from Louise Meyers- How to Graphics

Tips tp create an engaging infographic