The Best Simple Tools to Create Infographics for Your Class

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December 2, 2014
Infographics has been gaining in stature in education and several teachers are integrating them in their instruction. Some are using them to teach language and fine  arts; others are using them to teach science and health. By definition, infograhics are visual representation of data. This representation can take multiple forms and based on the purposes for which we are creating them, infographics can be categorized into different types such as Timelines, visualized article, flowchart, statistical infographics, informational infographics and so on.

 There are actually a plethora of web tools to use for creating infgraphics but some of them are really complicated and hard to work with. That is why I compiled this list and featured only 4 titles as being the best tools out there for teachers. These tools are very easy and simple to use. They all provide ready-made templates and layouts that you can select and use in your visuals. The rest is just dragging and dropping design elements and filling in your information.

1- Piktochart

This is definitely my favourite. I have been using it to create some beautiful infographics such as this one or this one. To start using Piktochart you need to register. Once logged in you can then choose from Piktochart's library of templates. Some of the templates are not free and you need a subscription to use them. The great thing about Piktochart is that it allows you to select the format of your infograpphic whether you want it as a report, presentation or banner. Filling out your infographics is as easy as dragging and dropping design elements such as shapes, pictures, signs, text, fonts and many more. The final product can be downloaded as JPG, PNG, or PDF format.

2- is another powerful tool for creating infographics. It provides a variety of ready-made start up templates on different topics. You can also upload your own background image if you don't like what they have in their library. Once you have selected your template you can then proceed with filling in your canvas by simply dragging and dropping design elements. When you are done you can then share you infographic in PNG, or PDF format.

3- Canva

Canva is another good tool to create engaging infographics. Just a few months ago Canva went mobile and users can now create infographics on their iPads. Similar to other tools, you need to open an account with Canva. Once logged in you will have access to its powerful editor where you can choose tom different layouts and templates and start filling in your information.

4- Google Draw
This is another great platform where teachers can easily create and design beautiful posters and inforgraphics for class. I have already covered the process of creating infographics on Google Draw in a visual step-by-step guide which you can access here.