The 9 Features of A Good Digital Citizen Students Should Know About

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December, 2014
Here is a new visual from ISTE on the concept of digital citizenship. The visual outlines some of the features characterizing ‘good’ digital citizens based on attributes of good citizens. The elements of digital citizenship, according to ISTE, “ are not so different from the basic tenets of traditional citizenship: Be kind, respectful and responsible, and just do the right thing”. The ideas are pretty basic and will definitely give students a very good initiation into this huge concept of digital citizenship. I would suggest that you print it off and use it in class.

Here is a brief overview of  the  9 features characterizing good digital citizens as displayed in the visual below:
  • Advocates for equal digital rights and access for all.
  • Treats others with respect in online spaces and never cyberbullies.
  • Does not steal or damage others’ digital work, identity or property.
  • Makes appropriate decisions when communicating through a variety of digital channels.
  • Uses digital tools to advance their learning and keeps up with changing technologies.
  • Makes responsible online purchasing decisions and protects their payment information.
  • Upholds basic human rights in all digital forums.
  • Protects personal information from outside forces that might cause harm.
  • Proactively limits health risks of technology, from physical to psychological.
Check out the full visual from this page.