Some Good Primary Source Guides and Resources for Teachers

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December 01, 2014
Library of Congress is one of the best websites where you can search for and access primary source documents to use with your students in class. It also features an entire section specifically designed for teachers. The teachers' page on Library of Congress contains a plethora of important resources to help teachers make the best use of primary sources. These resources include:

1- Why use primary sources?
In this page you will get to learn about what primary sources are and how they are different from secondary sources. You will also be provided with some tips and ideas on how to engage students with primary sources, promote student inquiry, and assess how students apply critical thinking and analysis skills to primary sources.

2- Citing primary source
This is where you get to learn about how to cite primary sources through some useful examples in both MLA and Chicago styles.

3- Finding primary sources
This section features some quick starting points to help you in your search for primary sources in library of Congress.

4- Teachers' guides and analysis tool

This a great resource featuring a number of useful guides and analysis tools that teachers can use when using primary sources in classroom. All of these guides are available for free download in PDF format.

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