Popular Educational Apps and Tools for Teachers

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December 13, 2014
This past year has seen a rise in mobile devices, especially with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives and 1:1 iPad programs. Here are some of the most popular educational iOS apps that have risen quickly in popularity. Some you may already know. If not, take a look and see if they are relevant to you and your students.

Socrative Teacher and Student
 Use these clicker apps to easily create quizzes, games, and exit tickets for immediate formative assessments.
Record video lessons and tutorials using a whiteboard canvas, imported images, your on-screen drawings, and your voice.
Put together digital textbooks and storybooks for your iPad, then publish them in iBooks for others to download.
Create animated stories by moving existing cartoon characters around, recording your voice, and overlaying background music.
Formatted like an interactive book, readers are presented with numerous tutorials and questions as they progress through it.

Remind101 - Send text messages to students and parents for reminders, notices, and other info. All phone numbers are safely hidden.

Want more? Check out these collections of apps.

Educational iOS Apps 
This is a collection of educational apps for iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches. Curated by David Kapuler.
This is another collection of iOS and Android apps that can be used in the classroom. Curated by Chris Beyerle.

By Mike co-founder of edshelf

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