Great How-to Guide Resources for Teachers

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December, 2014
A well-written online tutorial can be a great way to augment your learning and reinforce your knowledge, anywhere, anytime. Here are some good digital how-to guides that you can take out of the classroom to keep on learning.

A series of printable professional development guides for teaching reading and writing.
 Create your own tutorials, complete with maps, images, and videos, then share them with colleagues and students.
 Just like the name says, learn the art of origami with easy step-by-step 3D animations.
This instructional website will teach you how to implement video production in the classroom, from shooting to editing.

Want more? Check out these collections of tools

This is curated by senior director of curriculum and instruction Helen Cosgrove.
This one is curated by curriculum/integration technology specialist Linda Bonvillain.

By Mike co-founder of edshelf
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