Google Released The Most Popular Apps, Games and Books in 2014.

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December 16, 2014
Below is a visual released a few days ago by Google in which it featured some of the most popular games, movies, music, news and books of 2014. In the education section, Duolingo topped the list. This is  a great web tool and mobile app for learning a new language. It  provides a plethora of translation activities  through which learners get to practice their new language. Duolingo gamifies language learning by using a system of rewards for good achievements. It also gives learners the opportunity to translate real-world texts in the language they are learning and thus help other learners. A few months ago I featured Duolingo in a list that includes 3 of the top  apps for learning a new language.

In the gaming section, Candy Crush Saga was the most downloaded title of 2014 followed by Don't Top The white Title. And in the category of Movies and TV, Frozen was chosen as the movie of the year and Walking Dead as the show of the year. The book of the year is The Fault in Our Stars.

Most Downloaded Apps by Category:
Education - Duolingo
Social - Facebook
Health & Fitness - MyFitnessPal
Entertainment - Netflix,
Music -Pandora,
Sports - NFL Mobile
Photography - Flipagram
Travel - TripAdvisor

Top Downloaded Games:
 5. Clash of Clans

Movie of the Year: Frozen
TV Show of the Year: The Walking Dead
 Comeback Movie: Toy Story

Album of the Year: 
Song of the Year: Dark Horse by Katy Perry, 
 Song of the Summer: Fancy by Iggy Azalea

News Sources of the Year: 
2. TMZ,
9. Android Central

Books of the Year: